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Aluminum grating stair treads are available fabricated to any size in type "SG", "SGI" swage locked, type "ADT" aluminum dovetail pressure locked or type "SGF" aluminum flush-top construction. Treads are manufactured with a defined visible nosing and pre-punched end carrier plates or angles, ready for bolting to the stair stringers.

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Corrugated Aluminum Nosing

Corrugated Aluminum Nosing welded to grating and carrier plates/angles.

Aluminum Stair Tread Nosing Option

Cast Abrasive Nosing

Cast Abrasive Nosing mechanically fastened to welded mounting angle.

Aluminum Stair Treads Nosing Option

Chart of Aluminum Stair Tread Widths

Chart of Aluminum Stair Tread Maximum Lengths