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Manufactured by weaving alternating paths of fiberglass rovings through a resin-flooded mold, molded gratings offer maximum corrosion resistance and bi-directional strength. Lightweight and easily fabricated with common hand tools, installed molded gratings are essentially maintenance-free.


Iso-FR - Economical fire resistant isophthalic resin meets the corrosion resistance requirements found in light industrial and water/wastewater applications. Flame spread rating is 25 or less.
Standard colors: Green, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Yellow

VEFR - Premium fire retardant vinyl ester resin provides reliable performance in the toughest environments. Excellent performance in caustic and acidic environments with a flame spread rating of 15 or less.
Standard colors: Dark Gray, Orange

FGFR - Food grade isophthalic resin meets the unique requirements of the food and beverage industry. Flame spread rating is 20 or less.
Standard color: Light gray

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